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Marketing Communications
Global Pathfinders is your link to increased market penetration. Even the smallest company can benefit from day-to-day management and promotion of their products and/or services. Our location in Houston, Texas, allows us to become global facilitators on your behalf, expanding your company's market share as you focus on other priorities.
Marketing Marketing
Marketing Communications Marketing Communications
Market Intelligence
Sales Sales
Market Research
Logistics Logistics Market Evaluation
Market Plan
Export Management Export Management
Identify Competition
Define Competitor's Strengths
Outsource Procurement Outsource
Identify Potential Clients
Strategic Alliances Strategic
Prepare SWOD Analysis
Recommend Approaches to Markets
Identify Potential Agents
Identify Potential Distributors
Trade Show Support
Technical Translations
Provide Investment Inquiry Intelligence
Coordinate Visit Programs
Coordinate Accommodations
Coordinate Local Transportation
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