Business Development Business
Sales An effective and well-conceived sales plan and follow up program are, in essence, the bottom line as to the point where corporate profit and loss responsibility resides. Global Pathfinders personnel have been directly accountable for corporate profit and loss results. We have developed and implemented marketing plans and sales approaches for a variety of clientele including non-US and US companies. These clients range from a specialty contractor in the Nuclear Power market to a non-US governmental entity for which we researched and developed a sales plan to promote their Healthcare products into the US market. Our experience allows us to function with a minimum of direction while maintaining the concept of a team.
Marketing Marketing
Marketing Communications Marketing
Logistics Logistics
Identify Target Clients
Export Management Export
Identify Target Projects
Outsourced Procurement Outsource
Qualify Prospects
Follow Up Advertising Leads
Strategic Alliances Strategic
Transmit Literature And Information
Establish Visit Program
Trade Development Trade
Establish and Implement Visit Reporting System
Provide Client Follow Up
Identify Sales Resistance or Pitfalls
Develop Problem Solving Approaches
Provide Proposal Input
Provide Proposal Follow Up
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