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Marketing Communications Global Pathfinders' market approaches include the complete spectrum of business development, marketing, sales, and market communications services. Our experience and skills facilitate the creation of an innovative marketing and corporate communications program for our client. Global Pathfinders' hands on involvement in the Energy, Oil and Gas, Industrial, Food and Drink, Healthcare, and Recreation markets allows us to target business and industry in the USA as well as overseas markets. With Global Pathfinders on board in the earliest stages of your effort, we work with you to build a team and team spirit; to coordinate brainstorming and stragegy planning sessions; and to establish objectives and guidelines. Output may be defined as a corporate logo that is developed or redifined; brochures and associated data sheets that are regularly updated; advertising and direct mail mail campaigns that are formulated; multimedia pieces, videos and websites that are created. Global Pathfinders will place your media locally, nationally, or internationally through a variety of options best suited to our client's specific needs.

To summarize any or all of the following may be customized to create the image that you desire.
Marketing Marketing
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Marketing Communications Approaches
Corporate Identities and Logos
Brochures, Catalogs, and Manuals
Direct Mail Campaigns
Multimedia Presentations
Internet Websites
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