Export Management

Business Development Business Development Export Management As an Export Management company, Global Pathfinders, Inc. assumes the operation of our client's entire export program. We assist them in establishing their own Export Department through the development of systems, policies, procedures, and other components of the infrastructure necessary to function efficiently. Numerous challenges face companies looking to enter overseas markets. The risks are many, and successful market entry depends on being able to move in the most profitable direction while reducing or minimizing the potential risks. Global Pathfinders, Inc. can provide the timely, accurate, and reliable market information and expertise that is necessary for laying well conceived plans and making well informed decisions.
Marketing Marketing
Marketing Communications Marketing Communications
Sales Sales
Logistics Logistics
Evaluate International Markets
Develop a Program for Export Sales
Outsourced Procurement Outsource
Implement the Export Sales Program
Strategic Alliances Strategic
Evaluate on a Country-by-Country Basis
Establish a Support Service Network
Trade Development Trade
Customhouse Brokers
International Bankers
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