Business Development, International and Domestic

Marketing Marketing global sales Global Pathfinders personnel have the skills and practical experience necessary to plan or assist staff planning; prepare market and sales strategies; prepare budgetary options; and to carry through on the agreed plans and strategies. We individualize information, conclusions, and recommendations to deal with a Client's specific concerns. We do not use "text book" solutions to solve unique questions because we do not subscribe to the theory that "one size fits all." We look to save our Client time and money while capitalizing on business opportunities.
Marketing Communications Marketing
Sales Sales
Logistics Logistics
Evaluate Business Opportunity
Establish and Raise Corporate Profile
Export Management Export
Define Sales Objectives
Outsourced Procurement Outsource
Market Sectors
Independent Power Market
Power Generation Market
Oil and Gas Market
Upstream Oil and Gas Market
Downstream Oil and Gas Market
Industrial Market
Food and Drink Market
Recreation Market
Engineering Contractors
End Users
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Healthcare Sector
Biotechnology Sector
Strategic Alliances Strategic
Trade Development Trade
Establish Sales Approach
Implement Sales Strategy
Evaluate End User Attitudes
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