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Consulting services for trade development, marketing communications, market information, market development, market intelligence, business development, sales, logistics coordination, export management and trade promotion on a worldwide basis focussing on oil & gas, consumer goods and services, power generation, food and drink, recreation, healthcare and the biotechnology sectors.

Looking for new markets? Have a need to expand existing markets? Looking for information and local market intelligence? Global Pathfinders, Inc. is your vehicle to provide the consulting services that will help you make informed business decisions in a variety of different market sectors. Our expertise includes experience sectors as diverse as the Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods and Services, Healthcare, Power Generation, Food and Drink and other sectors. Contact us to discuss your specific objectives and requirements. Past assignments have included projects in North America, the European Community, Asia and the Pacific Rim, South America, and the Middle East.

Located in the Greater Houston, Texas area, Global Pathfinders brings a successful track record and an extensive contact network to your project. With over a quarter of a century of experience in a variety of domestic and international markets, Global Pathfinders provides trade development services, market intelligence, marketing communications, market information, business development, sales, logistics assistance, export management services, and outsource procurement to clients looking to explore or develop markets or new market options.

Using the Oil & Gas sector as a typical example, Global Pathfinders' corporate involvement includes working closely with worldwide oil and gas operators and suppliers. Our contacts and expertise in the Oil & Gas sector include deep water domestic projects in the US Gulf of Mexico and international projects that are developed, engineered and purchased locally. Our market knowledge and contact base in this area include both domestic and international project personnel employed by the engineering contractors as well as those personnel working for the owners and/or operators.

We are able to provide our clients with the experience gained through more than twenty-five (25) years of hands-on involvement in the marketing, promotion, and sales of products and services. Our central location, the Houston, Texas area, offers easy access to US markets in the East, Midwest, West, and Gulf Coast regions. This same Houston location also provides quick and easy connections to all regions of the globe thereby allowing Global Pathfinders and our clients to maximize effort while keeping costs under control.

Contact us for trade development, marketing communications, market development, and business development solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Ask how we may compliment your sales and strategic marketing programs.

Contact us for pricing options tailored to your specific needs.
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